Bracketi SensationM .022″

SensationM – Brackets activi auto-ligaturanti din otel inoxidabil ce ofera un control ideal in toate etapele tratamentului;


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Etapa pasiva a clapetei in timpul fazei initiale de tratament, permite o aliniere si o nivelare mult mai eficienta;

In faza pasiva si de tranzitie, mecanica de alunecare a arcului in slot, este de asemenea imbunatatita;

Etapa activa a clapetei securizeaza arcul in slot, activand torq-ul si angulatia incorporate in  bracket;

Clapeta este fabricata dintr-un aliaj Cobalt-Nickel, ce ofera elasticitate si durabilitate; de asemenea este captusita cu Rhodium de inalta calitate;

Prezinta zone ample sub aripioare, ideale pentru aplicarea catenelor (sina / lant) elastice;

Carligele sunt rotunjite si netede, pentru un confort sporit al pacientilor si pentru a securiza elasticele intraorale;

Baza bracket-ului este din mesa de 80 gauge pentru a asigura o lipire cat mai buna de dinte.

Ideal Treatment Control – Sensation M Active Stainless Steel Self-Ligating Brackets provide ideal control in all stages of treatment. The passive stage of the clip during the initial treatment phase allows for more efficient leveling and aligning. Sliding mechanics are also enhanced during the passive and transitional phases. The active stage of the clip engages the archwire securely into the base of the archwire slot, fully expressing the in-out, angulation and torque built-in to the bracket.
Unlike traditional brackets where forces can diminish when ligatures are stretched into place, the self-ligating clip design offers continuous force levels during wire deflection/unloading. This allows practitioners to adjust time between office visits.

Low Profile Design – Smooth rounded facial contours to optimize patient comfort

High Quality Clip – Manufactured using a Cobalt-Nickel alloy to provide resiliency and durability

Ample Under Tie-Wing Area – For application of elastomeric chains

Smooth Rounded Hooks – For added patient comfort and secure engagement of elastics

Compound Contour Base- Provides an ideal bracket fit to tooth surface

80 Gauge Micro-Etched Mesh Base – Ensures maximum bond strength with predictable and safe debonding

Removable Color Coded ID Dot – For easy bracket selection

Fixed Clip Design – Prevents accidental removal

Long Axis Scribe Line – Acts as a clear visual cue for placement at the top and bottom of the bonding base

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