BetaForce Titanium (Nickel Free) EuroForm

Force Levels Between Nickel Titanium and Stainless Steel 

The BetaForce Beta Titanium archwires are nickel-free with properties that fall between the bendability of Stainless Steel and the flexibility of Nickel Titanium. BetaForce wires have a smooth, polished surface for excellent sliding mechanics and provide moderate wire stiffness levels at 60% less than Stainless Steel. Beta Titanium wires offer excellent formability, making it ideal for intermediate and finishing stages of treatment.

Greutate 0,1 kg
Arcada arc

Lower, Upper

Marime arcuri

.016", .016" x .016", .016" x .022", .017" x .025", .018", .018" x .025", .019" x .025", .021" x .025"