Oferta speciala Votion 0.22″ – 3+1 seturi Cadou!

Cumparati  3 set.uri de bracketi metalici Votion slot .022″, carlig 3,4&5  si  primiti 1 set CADOU!

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Two-Piece Bracket System

The Votion Bracket System utilizes Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology to achieve extremely complex bracket structures and contours that enhance treatment efficiency.

Intelligent Hook Design
Hooks are angled at 15º to reduce interference with gingival tissue

Smooth Facial Contours
For increased patient comfort.

Vertical Scribe Line
Runs entire length of bracket base and pad for easy and more accurate placement on the long axis

Compound Contour Base
Superior fit and greater contact surface area for improved retention

Permanent Identification System
With a removable color coded dot and permanently recessed I.D. mark

Ample Under Tie-Wing Area – Provides easy and secure ligation, and improves chairside efficiencies with fast ligature application and removal

Rounded Archwire Slot Contours
Mesial and distal slot entry points are rounded to prevent archwire notching when rotations are present and during retraction/protraction procedures

 Low Profile Design – Improved aesthetics and patient comfort

Ortho Technology’s version of the Roth Prescription features built-in anti-rotation in the cuspid and bicuspid bracket archwire slots to prevent unwanted rotation during sliding mechanics

80 Gauge Micro-Etched Mesh Bonding Base
Each base is micro-etched to ensure optimal adhesive properties and prevent bond failures for increased office productivity

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