Bracketi Pinnacle 0.22″ – 3+2 seturi Cadou!

Cumparati 4 set.uri de bracketi metalici Pinnacle  slot .022″, carlig 3,4&5  si  primiti 2 set.uri CADOU!


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One of the Most Modern Brackets in the Industry
Pinnacle combines classic design with modern elements for better treatment efficiency. Through advanced Metal Injection
Molding (MIM) technology, more intricate contours and structures are achieved for reduced friction, optimum patient
comfort, and enhanced visual placement marks. A specialized process leaves Pinnacle with a brilliant high-shine surface.

Eliminate Canine Bracket Re-Positioning
Doctors struggling with rotations from retraction procedures are able to place Pinnacle more accurately at the beginning of treatment with anti-rotation in the slot.†

Low Profile Smooth Facial Contours
For increased patient comfort

Ample Under Tie-Wing Area
Provides easy and secure ligation

Anti-Rotation in the Slot
†Ortho Technology’s version of the Roth prescription features anti-rotation in the archwire slot to prevent unwanted rotation during sliding mechanics

Intelligent Hook Design
Smooth rounded hooks reduce soft tissue irritation

Cross Scribe Lines
Unique vertical and horizontal scribe lines in the center of the bracket head for superior visual cues. The patented, raised horizontal line on the bracket base further enhances visibility for optimal bonding placement accuracy

Micro-Etched Pylon Base Design
Created from the original Marquis™ base, Pinnacle’s redesigned version features angled pylons that offer increased surface area for superior retention and bond strength

Permanent Identification System
With a removable color coded dot and permanently recessed I.D. mark

Rounded Archwire Slot Contours
Mesial and distal slot entry points are rounded to prevent archwire notching when rotations are present and during retraction/ protraction procedures

Optimized Compound Contour Base
Brackets are individually contoured for an ideal fit to each tooth for correct positioning

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