Multi-Adjustable Facemasks

Wearing multi-adjustable facemasks are an essential part of orthodontic Class III malocclusion correction treatment. These multi-adjustable facemasks are specially designed to achieve Class III compliance in your treatment plan while having maximum patient comfort.

What is a Facemask?
A facemask is simply an appliance used in orthodontic treatment to correct underbites (also known as Class III orthodontic malocclusions). The facemask pulls out the upper jaw (maxilla) in growing patients to match its growth with that of the lower jaw (mandible). A facemask can also be called Reverse Pull Headgear.

What is a Multi-Adjustable Facemask?
A multi-adjustable facemask is a more flexible version of the facemask or reverse pull headgear. It allows for adjustments and to create maximum comfort for patients. It is classified as an Orthodontic Class III Headgear.

The Reverse Pull Headgear
Reverse Pull Headgear is a Class III Appliance used for correcting Class III malocclusion in growing patients. An ideal Reverse Pull Headgear is lightweight, durable, and fully adjustable with air vents to allow free flow of air. To ensure maximum effectiveness, a reinforced crossbar is used to maintain the headgear in place when fixed.

Class III Appliances are used during the early treatment of incorrect dentition. With a simple Class III Appliance such as a Multi-Adjustable Facemask, the overall treatment plan for Class III malocclusion can be shortened.

With an Orthodontic Class III Headgear, many patients can reduce the tension accompanied by orthodontic treatments just by wearing their headgear regularly and as prescribed.

Class III Facemasks that achieve the best results are those that are creatively adjustable, yet very durable and efficient. Using a multi-adjustable reverse pull headgear appropriately can help quicken treatment plans and prevent jaw surgery later in life.

Key Features

Free-Flow Air Vent
Forehead rest design features dual air vents for maximum comfort and air circulation.

Free-Flow Air Vent
Chin cup design features air vents for maximum comfort and air circulation.

Motion Option
Sliding design allows for a dynamic range of motion without side-to-side rotation.