An Overview of Our Selection

From aesthetic preferences to medical needs, we know that doctors and patients alike appreciate options when it comes to their bracket systems. That’s why we are proud to offer such an extensive range of these products. Whether you’re looking for the latest self-ligating systems to save time in the chair or wish to provide a stunning 24K-gold plated smile to your patients, we have the brackets for you. Here’s an overview of what we have on offer.

Self-Ligating Systems
Self-ligating systems have come a long way in recent years, offering both efficiency and reliability. Gone are the days of easily deformed C-clips and nicked arch wires. Our Lotus Plus DS System – available in passive, interactive, and hybrid versions – uses a durable, low-profile, nickel-titanium design that gives doctors all the advantages of a self-ligating system without sacrificing patient comfort.

For situations where doctors need the most control over treatment, look no further than the interactive version of Lotus Plus DS. The active stage of this system engages the arch wire at the base of the arch wire slot, fully expressing the in-out angulation and torque built into the bracket. When aesthetics and comfort are a must for a patient, we also carry Sensation Active Ceramic Brackets, which combine the benefits of an active, self-ligating system with the discrete translucent design.

Aesthetic Bracket Systems
Outside of our self-ligating options, we carry a wide selection of aesthetically pleasing brackets designed for patients who want their braces to remain virtually invisible. For the absolute best aesthetics, we offer the PURE Sapphire Bracket System, which utilizes monocrystalline sapphire to achieve the highest transparency possible against any tooth shade. When strength and invisibility are a must, we carry metal-lined ceramic options, including Encore! and Avalon.

Metal Bracket Systems
When a practice wants the newest technology in traditional brackets, and value is crucial, it’s important to select carefully. That’s why we carry a wide range of stainless-steel brackets, from our most modern Pinnacle and Votion Systems to our classic Marquis and Bionic Systems. For patients looking for a truly rich smile, we also offer the Marquis TruGold 24K-plated system for all the advantages of a metal bracket with the aesthetics of a solid-gold grin.

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