Open Bite Treatments that Last Thanks to Tongue Tamers® PLUS

Considering the extensive treatment needed to correct severe open bite malocclusions, you and your patients want the results to stick. Unfortunately, treating these open bites often puts you up against one of the strongest sets of muscles in the human body: the tongue. Patients who have an unconscious habit of tongue thrusting when they swallow will gradually push their teeth back out of alignment. Fortunately, our new Tongue Tamers® PLUS system eliminates this challenge, allowing for rapid bite closure and improving patients’ overall oral health.

How It Works

Tongue Tamers® PLUS are bonded to the lingual side of the teeth, typically canine to canine, to act as a deterrent against the tongue. These nine, rounded protrusions won’t lacerate the patient, nor tear your gloves. However, they will produce an uncomfortable, coarse sensation when pressed against – similar to pressing your tongue against sandpaper. This creates a “hot stove” effect, discouraging subconscious  tongue thrusts and allowing the malocclusion to be treated unhindered.

What’s Different?

The PLUS series of Tongue Tamers® represents a significant leap forward in patient comfort and clinical convenience. The miniaturized design makes these devices far less intrusive than past habit-taming models. This smaller size makes Tongue Tamers® PLUS ideal for young adolescents, who frequently have tongue-thrusting or thumb-sucking habits. Meanwhile, orthodontists will appreciate the added flexibility that comes from the design, allowing it to act as a button for engagement of cross-bite elastics. The body of the Tamers® is brazed to the bonding pad, which is fitted with an 80-gauge mesh to make sure those bonds hold.


From easy placement to training positive habits, the Tongue Tamers® PLUS are essential for efficient open bite treatments that last. By working to keep the tongue at bay, they ensure the work of your brackets and elastics won’t be undone.